I imagine that my reaction on hearing that the new Spider-man (according to the BBC it’s with the hyphen) was pretty much the same as everybody else.

Who the hell is this?

And it’s a valid point, Tom Holland who will be playing the webslinger has only done one Hollywood blockbuster before ( The Impossible, budget 45 million, gross 180.2 million 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, I’ve never seen it.) He was also in the highly received Wolf Hall by the BBC and was a voice on a phone in the incredible film Locke (Budget less than 2 million, grossed 5 million, 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, highly recommended). On the stage,he was also in the stage musical of the film Billy Elliot.

But how he got this role, I don’t understand.  With the exception of Billy Elliott I don’t see any leading roles in his CV, it is possible that he blew everybody away with his amazing audition and i’ll reserve judgement until I see at the very least a trailer of him as Spider-Man.

However, i’m still uncomfortable with the idea that the latest adventure of Spider-Man has gone to someone white, when in the comics he’s being portrayed by someone of Hispanic origin or that his stand-alone film has pushed Black Panther, the first superhero film to star a colored actor since Steel (Just don’t.) has been pushed back to accommodate it’s release.

Either way, it’s a bit of an interesting move from Marvel and i’ll keep my eyes open for more updates.


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