How many sequels is enough?

As I write this, the new Terminator sequel is a few weeks away and my feelings towards it can best be described as flitting between loathing and indifference. But at the same time i’m counting the seconds to the release of the new James Bond film as well as the new  Mad Max, and Kingsman, but why are some sequels looked forward to and anticipated, whilst others are greeted with a sense of dull resignation?

I understand the logic behind franchises/ sequels and spin-offs, a blockbuster these days can easily cost you 200 million for the budget and the same again for promotion. It’s a high risk, high reward strategy, but when you factor in the inevitable merchandise, you can make billions.

This is why studios keep trying to make almost every big film a franchise, after all, who only wants to visit the money tree only once? (That most of these so called Tent-pole films this year have been rubbish is another point).

But that doesn’t solve my problem, which is  why I feel so unenthusiastic about some sequels and not about others?

I think part of it is that some films feel complete, that they have told their story but then made a lot of money and were told to keep going. Examples of this include The Matrix, to an extent Star Wars  and certainly the Terminator series. The studios have been placed in a position where they can make billions from reheating old films or risk it all on a brand new series?

Because new films series flop. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that it can cost almost £40 to do the cinema properly these days and who would want to spend that amount on a risk when Marvel Superhero film number 457 is out in two weeks?

And like people at a free buffet, the studios just don’t seem to know when to stop. Hell, even Skyline is meant to be getting a sequel. So, I guess in conclusion, as long as we, the public demand bigger and more expensive films and like fussy children refuse to try anything new then we’d better get used to an endless stream of sequel after sequel after sequel.


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