Hungry for the Film

And… I don’t think cinema food prices is that bad.

Now, before you get your flaming pitchforks and run me out of town, hear me out. Cinemas are large, very energy hungry building and they have to make money somewhere. And that somewhere is advertising and popcorn.

That ticket, the one you just sold your house for? The cinema will only get between 10-20% of that. When I worked in a cinema, I heard whispers that a certain film wanted (and received) 110% of the ticket price.

Now it’s true that the mark-up on popcorn is high; more than 1500% from point of purchase to point of sale. This is a bigger mark-up than the one on heroin. A similar mark-up is made on the fizzy drinks, pick and mix as well as chocolate. But if it wasn’t for these mark-ups then cinemas simply wouldn’t exist. A successful cinema can sometimes make only a few thousand pounds profit a month once all bills are paid.

If we ever did stop buying popcorn at these prices, then cinemas would have to make up the shortfall in other ways such as making the adverts in front of films even longer or face closing and that would make things even worse. Also, compared to crisps and chocolate popcorn isn’t actually that bad for you. Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but not as bad as the other options.

So do I buy popcorn and coke? No. I go to the cinema to see a film so I can review it and it’s not in my best interest to be distracted (unless I’m seeing Blackhat then please, distract away.) But I can see the need for them to sell it at the prices they do and if it stops adverts getting even longer and ticket prices even higher then it’s not all bad.

I’m Daniel and that was a Dunking


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